” Working with my clients to grow their business, I not only bring ideas,

but help my clients to put their plans into action with responsibility.”

SCG Introduce

SCG is the abbreviation of Social Consulting Group, the president of SCG, Mr. Ko Young used to innovate the system, to design the strategic jobs, to open the program of in-house consultant and develop the method of global consulting of the “A Beautiful store” since 2006 and this becomes the first social innovative system. Also, 1000 experts of experts, practitioners and intern researchers made the meaningful project of “consumer goods, service, construction, manufacturer, finance, export system, sharing economy, social economy” and this becomes as “Incubating organization of this project.”

Since it gets registered corporation under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy in 2011, it is proud to operate without any support from the government and large corporations, and it is still working to solve social issues with a “center-research-platform” process.


SCG History

◉ Consulting of POSCO Eco Housing
◉ Consulting of Korea Mate Rade
◉ Consulting of The Orgod
◉ Executing MOU with Probono Agreement in Mapo District
◉ Inventing an Ecological system of the region social companies
◉ <Activate of the region social companies and the role of Probono> Seminar
◉ Managing the Vision Academy
◉ Probono Parties with International Community
◉ Korean Jazz Orchestra Consulting
◉ Managing the Academy that thinks about the mind

SCG’s critical mind

Many generations who suffer from the recession considers deeply about the low economic growth, also we use with the programs of small venture town, university which has project laboratory and use the fast program as “Many workers who are the best, we can lead the new world.”

Identity of SCG

Our identity is “Social Innovation Companies, Sharing Company Companies and Project Platform Companies”

Right people of the SCG

We need to trust with deep future and breathe.

Introduction of CEO

Ko Young

  • Current job: Business innovator, social innovator, educational innovator
  • Current job: Representative of Social Consulting Group
  • Former job: director of Deloitte Anjin Accounting Corporation
  • Former job: HayGroup Consultant (Global Key Talent)
  • Current job: advisor to the Seoul Metropolitan Government Sharing Economy Committee
    300+ global enterprises, large
  • enterprises, public enterprises, mid-sized enterprises, ventures, startups, social enterprises, shared enterprises, social ventures, village enterprises, cooperatives, associations, foundations, international organizations, NGO/NPO consulting,
  • In operation of the Business Solution 2000 program
  • Major Books:
    “The Butterfly Man” (2010),
    “Challenge New Capitalism” (2009),
    “Leadership in Agora” (2008)